Geospatial startups and scale-ups supported by GeoWorks

Airspace intelligence
Autonomous vehicle solutions
Geospatial solutions
Intelligent Mobility
Provides sensing for cities
AI Analytic Asset Management Solutions
Drone Technologies
Operational Intelligence
Spatial Big Data
Geospatial Image Analytics
Intelligence Visualised
Smart Retail Solutions and Location-Based Services
Smart Retail Solutions and Location-Based Services
A Better Understanding of the World
Mobile & E-learning
People Intelligence
Property Concierge
Data Synthesis
Strategy Consulting
Visualisation Solutions
School Transport
Drones & Landing Infrastructure
Satellite Navigation
Satellite Solutions
Traffic and Industry Connections
Traffic and Industry Connections
AI Traffic Control Systems
Building the Internet of Places
Air Taxis
Halal Traceability
Self-Ordering & Payment


Geospatial content, solutions & services companies in partnership with GeoWorks

3D Visualisation
Cloud infrastructure services
Advancing Infrastructure
GIS Mapping Software
Location Intelligence
Transportation Services
Autonomous Solutions
Supercomputing Systems
Navigation Software
Movement Optimisation
Satellite Navigation
Economic Technologies
M2M Mobility & Robotics


Organisations that help us create our vibrant geospatial community

Develop Space Industry



More coming soon...

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