Geospatial start-ups and scale-ups supported by GeoWorks

Connects the drone industry
& airspace authorities with
easy-to-use technology
to unlock safe, efficient,
& scalable drone operations
Bringing real-time<br>
geo-analytics capability<br>
to the cloud and the edge<br>
to help businesses quickly<br>
identify business<br>
opportunity, rapidly improve<br>
productivity and accurately<br>
predict maintenance need
Bringing real-time
geo-analytics capability
to the cloud and the edge
to help businesses quickly
identify business
opportunity, rapidly improve
productivity and accurately
predict maintenance need

Supply chain, operational analytics
and sensing company that
simplifies the decision-making
process in a world
that can do with
a little less complexity

Ent-vision AI & Geospatial
solutions for Shared Transport Services
and Logistics companies in
resource utilisation
Intelligent Mobility with
FATOS Map Technologies
Empowering communities with
geospatial processes to create
sustainable food solutions

German research institute specialising
in geovisualisation technology

Enterprise drone and cloud
robotics solutions, such
as aerial fleet management
and advanced geospatial analytics

<br>Empowering organizations <br>
with geospatial technology<br>
 to Visualize, Connect,<br>
Analyze & Optimize global<br>
 operations on a <br>
digital map<br><br>

Empowering organizations
with geospatial technology
to Visualize, Connect,
Analyze & Optimize global
operations on a
digital map

Unchartered Discoveries
Unchartered Discoveries
Geospatial Image Analytics
& Intelligence at a Planetary Scale
<br>Traffic and active mobility<br>
data analysis using technology<br>
to collect pedestrian and<br>
bicycle counts for transport<br>

Traffic and active mobility
data analysis using technology
to collect pedestrian and
bicycle counts for transport

<br><br><br>Discovery Redefined<br><br><br><br>

Discovery Redefined

Location-based mobile app
and e-learning solution
company specializing in I4.0
- Augmented Reality and Predictive

The world’s first
"People Intelligence" AI platform
and real-world movement

Mapizy quantifies changes
to our dynamic planet
through image data
and AI
Using data and geospatial
technology to engineer
a property keyword matching
portal to streamline
the pairing of potential owners
and buyers in the most
efficient way possible
<br><br><br><br>Explore the Value of<br>Location Data<br><br><br><br><br>

Explore the Value of
Location Data

Intelligent Mapping for
Smart Mobility in SEA

Business insights using
geospatial data powered
by a self-learning supply
chain model

Australia-US based drones
company enabling safe commercial
and social integration of
autonomous technologies

3D visualisation and analytics
of location-based sensor

Transport management platform to
support school bus and
logistics operations

<br><br>Navigational satellite systems<br>
and location-based services<br><br><br>

Navigational satellite systems
and location-based services

Speedoc specializes in mobile
medicine; bringing doctors,
nurses and medical
attention to your doorstep
Japan-based remote
sensing company
integrating Synthetic
Aperture Radar data, big
data and machine learning
Volocopter develop and
operate air taxis in
global megacities
Harmonizing Halal
Communities Worldwide

A powerful map-based
property search portal
that provides a fast,
efficient, transparent and
consumer-focused property
search experience


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