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What is the City Mapathon Challenge?

The City Mapathon Challenge is a community-driven geospatial challenge co-organised by GeoWorks and Mapillary. The challenge seeks to encourage citizenry participation in helping to acquire map data by capturing street-level images of our city. These data will provide the basis for mapping and geospatial analytics which can improve the liveability, accessibility and mobility for our city.

Mapillary is a collaborative street-level imagery platform that uses computer vision to extract map data at scale. Participants will be encouraged to collect imagery on the Mapillary platform using their mobile apps for Android and iOS. Participants can use the apps to collect imagery in the defined challenge area, with collected imagery becoming available in OpenStreetMap, popular GIS software and other supported mapping platforms.

Some of the potential use of these acquired data include the planning and design of barrier-free routing for people with disabilities, wider shared paths for pedestrians and PMD users, amenities along Park Connector networks that promotes green mobility and many more.



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Key Event Dates *

1 Dec 2018 (Sat)Registration Opens
5 Dec 2018 (Wed)Challenge Briefing Event @ GeoWorks
Click Here to Register

6 Dec 2018 (Fri)Challenge Commences
13 Jan 2019 (Sun)Challenge Closes
4th Week Jan 2019
(Dates to be advised)
Geospatial Data Analytics Workshops
Prize Presentations

* Note: Dates are subject to change


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To be announced.


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Mapillary is the street-level imagery platform that uses computer vision to fix the world’s maps. Mapillary brings together a global network of contributors who want to make the world accessible to everyone by visualizing the world and building better maps. Anyone can join and collect street-level images, using simple tools like smartphones or action cameras. With computer vision, we connect images across time and space to create immersive street-level views and extract map data.

For more information on Mapillary, please visit www.mapillary.com.



GeoWorks is an industry co-innovation space where the Singapore Land Authority brings together geospatial companies, corporate users and the government, to grow a vibrant geospatial ecosystem through co-creation of solutions and business opportunities.

GeoWorks aims to promote and proliferate the use of geospatial information science and technology to support sectoral digitalisation and to elevate the geospatial industry for Smart Nation. The focus is to help create solutions using location and map-based technologies to enhance business opportunities and productivity, and provide geospatial solutions for the Singapore public and businesses.

GeoWorks will partner with public agencies and industries in conducting thematic challenges and industry events to catalyse innovative solutions and business opportunities. There will be year-round holistic programmes at GeoWorks to bring in and help groom the geospatial-based start-ups and companies, local and global, into successful ventures. Through this, we aim to cultivate local geospatial start-ups, grow industry expertise, and attract emerging foreign geospatial companies to set foot in Singapore.

For more information on GeoWorks, please visit www.geoworks.sg.


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Supporting Partners




Grab is a Singapore-based technology company that offers ride-hailing, ride sharing, food delivery service and logistics services through its app in Singapore and neighbouring Southeast Asian nations Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

For more information on Grab, please visit www.grab.com.


Maptime Singapore

MapTime Singapore is an non-profit organisation and a community of open-source mapping enthusiasts in Singapore. Their community is consists of people who are interested in the collaborative learning, exploration and map creation using mapping tools and technologies.


National Youth Council

National Youth Council is statutory board under the Singapore Government that coordinates youth affairs in Singapore. Together with their partners, NYC develop future-ready youth who are committed to Singapore by instilling in them a heart for service, resilience and an enterprising spirit.

For more information on National Youth Council, please visit www.nyc.gov.sg.


SG Enable

Set up by the Ministry of Social and Family Development in July 2013, SG Enable is an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities and building an inclusive society. It seeks to support persons with disabilities across different life stages. SG Enable's vision to build an Inclusive Society, Enabled Lives is to be fulfilled through our three mission statements.


Persons with disabilities and caregivers via timely access to information and referral services, grants and support.


Employability and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities seeking assistance.


The family, community, stakeholders and public in enabling persons with disabilities as integral members of society.

For more information on SG Enable, please visit www.sgenable.sg.


Singapore Land Authority

Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is a statutory board with the Ministry of Law. Its mission is to optimise land resources for the social and economic development of Singapore. SLA manages some 11,000 hectares of State land and about 5,000 State properties, which have largely been tenanted out for a variety of uses. It also manages land sales, leases, acquisitions and allocation, developing and marketing land-related information, and maintaining the national land information database through digitised land information services. Being the national land registration authority for property transactions, SLA issues and guarantees land titles in Singapore. It also manages and maintains the national land survey system, where boundaries or legal limits of properties are defined, based on a coordinated cadastre survey system. The use of geospatial information is also spearheaded by SLA through a national collaborative environment where geospatial data, policies and technologies are established and defined, thereby fostering innovation, knowledge and value creation for the Government, enterprises and community.

For more details, visit www.sla.gov.sg or find us on Facebook and Instagram @SingaporeLandAuthority.



Established in 2016, Trampolene is a non-profit R&D organisation which mission is to develop deep technological solutions and services primarily for charities, voluntary welfare organisations, social enterprises and other social sector organisations.

At the heart of our organisation is our people, comprising data scientists, computer engineers, psychologists, behavioral scientists, biologists and medical professionals, who all share a common goal to build a more inclusive and equitable world.




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GrabPay Credits & GoPro cameras to be won!

First Prize:   GrabPay Credits S$300.00 + GoPro Hero 7 Silver +128GB SD card + mount for car

Second Prize:  GrabPay Credits S$300.00 + GoPro Hero 5 Black +128GB SD card + mount for car

Third Prize:   GrabPay Credits S$300.00 + 128GB SD card


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Challenge Guidelines

Challenge Area

Click on map below to zoom in. You can also Click Here to view the challenge area via the leaderboard.


Challenge Guide

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Sign Up

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1. Who is eligible to participate in the City Mapathon Challenge?

This challenge is opened to all persons and organisations, except:

(a) all staff (whether employed on a permanent, contract, temporary or other basis) under the employment of the Co-organisers (Mapillary and GeoWorks organising team);

(b) all officers seconded to the Co-organisers; and

(c) immediate family members of all the persons described in (a) and (b) above.


2. Is there a charge to participate?

No. Participation is free.


3. Are participants allowed to join team?

No. There is no team competition for this part of challenge.


4. What are the benefits of joining this Challenge?

This event provides a platform for you to gain a deeper understanding of the actual challenges faced by the various industries in creating better and updated maps for smarter cities, geospatial services and automotive. Participants can also build valuable network with other organisations that encounter difficulties in providing updated map for geospatial information and services to explore future business opportunities / collaborations.


5. Do participants need to be able to code to participate?

No coding skillsets are required for this challenge.


6. Are the participants free to use any devices to capture the images?

Participants can refer to the Mapillary website on the range of devices allowed. For convenience, you are encouraged to use the Mapillary app as the whole process is integrated.


7. Will data captured through this challenge be made available for the participants?

Data captured through this challenge will be made available on the Mapillary's platform. The extracted object datasets will be made available in the next challenge on geospatial analytics.


8. What are the classes of object that can be automatically depicted from the captured images?

The list of classes of objects is available at Mapillary website.


10. Is the attendance at the Launch Briefing event mandatory?

Attendance is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged to understand the Challenge better and to interact with the challenge organisers, partners and other participants. There will also be an opportunity to network and also identify potential partners and teammates for part 2 of the challenge.


11. What will happen at the end of the City Mapathon Challenge?

Stay tuned to our website for information about part 2 of the challenge.


12. How can the participants reach out to the organiser?

Send us an email at [email protected].


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