First OneMap3D Co-Development Briefing

6th December saw the first OneMap3D briefing, with over 120 people from companies, government institutions and schools filling up the GeoHall.  As the first map of Singapore developed through open source data, the public is invited to help co-develop OneMap3D and aid its transition from 2D into 3D.


A sneak preview of OneMap3D was revealed to the audience.


The data models, APIs, analysis tools and applications to develop OneMap, such as CityGML, were introduced to the audience. Participants of the co-development program will be given access to them.


A Q&A session was also held, where audience members interested in joining the program could get their questions answered.


As developers of the Alpha version of OneMap3D, co-developers will be among the first pilot users to experiment their use cases with the existing OneMap3D prototype, before the release of Beta OneMap3D to general developers in December 2020.

The upgrade of OneMap from 2D to 3D aims to transform the map experience to be more immersive and lifelike, with a better representation of properties for business and navigation.

If you're a developer, 3D creative, or simply interested to find out more about the 3D transformation of OneMap, join us on the 6th of February at the GeoWorks building for our second round of briefings. Sign up here.

Find out more about the co-development program here.

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