OneMap and GeoTechs at the Smart Nation & U Family Fiesta

On 30th November and 1st December, the Smart Nation and U Family Fiesta, organized by the NTUC and Smart Nation and Digital Government Office, was held at Downtown East. More than 60 partners from corporations, public agencies and schools came together to showcase over 80 booths featuring a variety of tech products and initiatives.

Several of our GeoTechs had their own booths as well: Whatshalal,, Schoolber and YQueue.


The public witnessed the new and upgraded OneMap at the event, enhanced with our GeoPartner Foursquare, and got to find out how various features of OneMap make navigation faster and much easier.


The quadruple categories of the OneMap booth: Plan, eat, play and care, reflect OneMap’s capabilities to easily locate different amenities nearby like eateries, childcare centres, schools, places of recreation and CHAS clinics, among others, that correspond to these categories. Other functions were explained to the public, like Bus Explorer, which provides the bus service routes and arrival timings of every bus stop, traffic conditions from TrafficQuery and schools and properties from SchoolQuery and PropertyQuery respectively.

whatshalal blockchain

Whatshalal held their first public reveal of their Assurance and Traceability Management System (ATeMS) at their booth, intended to help halal businesses or businesses interested in going Halal. The public could also find out more about how their Halal Scanner collects information to add value to the Halal supply chain.

mogul1 encouraged members of the public to create an account with their “Scan, Create, and Win” giveaway campaign. Scanning the available QR codes would lead smartphone users to set up an account, which gave them the chance to win limited edition prizes.

Keith Nathan Cheong, Chief Commercial Officer of, also gave a stage talk on Saturday to explain how OneMap and geospatial data powers the smart property search, allowing it to efficiently find dream homes that meet multiple lifestyle needs.


YQueue demonstrated their ordering process using kiosks, QR codes and app, while offering free Tea Valley and GongCha items that could be redeemed on the spot as an example. The Family Fiesta also coincided with a promotion for a free size upgrade for selected GongCha drinks when ordering at least two beverages from a YQueue account at specific outlets.


Schoolber hosted several educational challenges and activities to appeal to families and children. At their booth, pooling registration was open, their new bus-pool was introduced, and an animated video explaining the concept of Schoolber was screened. Free goodie bags could be collected after liking and sharing their Facebook page.


The importance of car safety was emphasized with their Safe and Secure Mifold Seat Belt Challenge for children to participate in and win prizes from putting on a Mifold seatbelt in less than thirty seconds.

Other games like Schoolber Bingo, where participants could win more prizes from, had its keywords based off their explanatory video to make Schoolber’s carpool process memorable in the public’s consciousness.  Their board game was also a fun learning experience about the carbon emissions saved by traveling with Schoolber.

By using products that were applicable to many aspects of daily life, the event showed how technology can transform and enable how Singaporeans live, work and play to encourage positive attitudes and dispel any fears toward technology in a fun and easily understood manner.

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