Introduction to DroneQuery at the CAAS Fly It Safe Exhibition Booth

OneMap’s latest service, DroneQuery, helps users determine where it is safe to fly drones in Singapore. This new feature was showcased by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) at the Drone Workshop at in Jewel Changi Experience Studio. Visitors could find out more about how to use the app and the process of drone registration.


The exhibition displayed a video that explained how to use DroneQuery in four simple steps.


Standees summarized the do’s and don’ts of safely flying drones in Singapore in a helpful infographic. These images are also available on CAAS's website for easy perusal.


When accessing DroneQuery on the mobile app or desktop browers, no-fly zones will be automatically selected under “Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) and Aerial Activities" and highlighted in blue areas on the map.


These include areas within:

  • 5 and 10 km of aerodromes, such as airports and military airbases
  • Danger areas
  • Temporarily Restricted Areas
  • Prohibited Areas
  • Restricted Areas
  • Protected Areas under Section 7 of the Air Navigation Act

The CAAS logos, when tapped, will provide more information about the no-fly zones.

If the red drop pin, indicating the user’s current location, falls outside of the no-fly zones, drones can be flown if they do not exceed 200 feet above the mean sea level.

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