25 participants from the Ministry of Education (MOE) Curriculum Planning division came to GeoWorks for a learning journey and workshop session. The GeoWorks team shared on the usage of geospatial technology in all aspects of industry, government as well as possibilities for education. Participants learned more about OneMap as well as One Historical Map which allows users and students to learn about the history of attraction locations in Singapore via historical data overlays.


Meanwhile, LDR, GeoWorks’ GeoTech, showcased their various e-learning location-based and augmented reality apps developed for MOE. During the workshop session, participants discussed about the opportunities for the usage of technology in education, how the students of today need to be equipped at an earlier age to have a mindset like a data scientist and how data - its formats, tools, process, organisation and visualisation can be deployed for optimised lifelong learning, and how it can start from schools.


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