Synspective’s new collboration with Arianespace


Synspective, one of GeoWorks' GeoTech, and Arianespace have signed a contract to launch the satellite StriX-a, Synspective's first SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) demonstrator satellite! This momentous collaboration is projected to inspire leading innovation for data-driven business and sustainable development across many industries in the future.

You could also anticipate future collaborations between the two companies as they have also signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement to mutually enhance their business and technical abilities.

Read the press release here!

Read below for more information on Synspective and their SAR satellite:




Synspective provides a comprehensive & one-stop solution with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite constellation and geospatial applications. Remarkable frequency, high resolution, and a noteworthy responsiveness of information will be available through the solutions with machine learning technology.



This is enabled by highly compact and low-cost SAR satellites, which can capture images of ground surfaces in all-weather conditions throughout the day. The first demonstration satellite is going to be launched early 2020, and daily observations of Asian big cities will be conducted by the satellite constellation in 2021.

Synspective's solutions help customers to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals for sustainable development and resilient societies. Smart city development, infrastructure planning & monitoring, land/asset management, and risk management for investment can be improved by combining satellite imagery data and machine learning technology.

Visit Synspective’s official website here!

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