GeoWorks showcased geospatial innovation at Innovfest Unbound


GeoWorks showcased geospatial innovation at Innovfest Unbound

27 - 28 June 2019 I Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall 

At the recent Innovfest Unbound event in end-June, GeoWorks showcased geospatial innovation and solutions from our 16 GeoTechs and GeoPartners to an audience comprising entrepreneurs, brands, corporates, investors and tech startups from 100+ countries, both private and public.

On the main stage, Singapore Land Authority’s Chief Executive, Tan Boon Khai spoke on the “Mobility for a Better World or Lost in Transportation” and “Is Your City Smart Enough?” panel sessions. During these sessions, he addressed the importance of forward thinking and the need to solve fundamental problems in urban geography using data and digital tools such as geospatial technologies, and how good usage of geospatial data can help to enable smarter cities, communities and a higher quality of life.




Meanwhile, Peter Littau, Head of Strategic Expansion from Volocopter, one of GeoWorks’ GeoTechs spoke on the “Future of Mobility” panel to give his few cents about considering more than just roads and cars in the future as well as the need to incorporate infrastructural elements into mobility innovations.

Geospatial technology is used across many verticals and is oozing with endless potential and capabilities. At the booth, some of the key highlights at the GeoWorks showcase were:

  • Air taxis, drone technology and solutions by GeoTechs Volocopter, Skyports, Airmap and Garuda Robotics.
  • Satellite imaging with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) system for urban development assessment and analysis by GeoTech Synspective, a Japanese satellite company. Compared with optical imaging, SAR is able to penetrate cloud cover and to acquire high resolution images even during nighttime.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality bicycle route simulation by GeoPartner PTV to showcase the travel behaviour of pedestrians and vehicles on the street with the use of virtual environment, traffic microsimulation and a game engine.
  • Mobile map scanning technologies via a handheld device integrated with Augmented Reality (AR) technology by GeoPartner, Trimble.
  • PTGEM displayed a live demonstration on one building with 3D indoor floor-plan visualised and IoT devices connected and visualised.
  • Schoolber displayed a demonstration of their product from request to acceptance, to location of the vehicle through the whole journey on the dashboard.

Other GeoTechs and GeoPartners at the stand include Grab, Singapore Space Technology Association, Geospatial Labs, Ongil, Ent-Vision, GeoSpock and

“It was a great opportunity for a young startup like us to be able to pitch to such diverse audience.” -Ajith, Co-CEO of Ongil

“Not only did we meet new leads, but I think one of the most valuable part was understanding the other companies and what they do. We have already started working with two of them on some really cutting-edge collaboration.” - Gerald Sim, Co-Founder and CEO of

“The booth attracted a lot of attention from the event crowd, resulting in countless conversations with potential clients, partners and investors.” – Damian Kysely, Infrastructure Manager of Skyports

In the afternoon of Day 1, Volocopter kicked off the GeoWorks workshop with a keynote. This was followed by a ’Meet the GeoWorks GeoTechs’ panel session, where the GeoTechs shared about their journey from inception to development with geospatial technologies. On stage we had Peter Littau, Head of Strategic Expansion from Volocopter (Germany), Ayush Singhal, Business Operations Manager from Airmap (USA), Jesslyn Wong, Vice President of Global Development from Synspective (Japan), Sangeetha Banner, Business Development from GeoSpock (UK) and Gerald Sim, Founder of (Singapore). The panel was moderated by GeoWorks’ Michael Sim and Vanessa Ching.


The GeoWorks workshop concluded with Gerald Sim presenting on “How utilises geospatial tech to disrupt Singapore’s real estate industry to be Singapore’s Smartest Property Portal”. He introduced various aspects of the platform and explained the intricate integration of innovative keyword search functionality and OneMap to enhance the portal’s user experience.


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